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Tips To Freshen Up Your Cart

If your golf cart has been sitting idle during the winter months,here is how to get it out, tune it up, and get it ready for spring & summer! Here are a few steps you can take to freshen your golf cart!

Give Your Golf Car a Good Wash
Just like any car, your golf cart also needs to be given a wash now and then. Especially after sitting under cover or in storage for a few months, it may come out looking dusty, dirty, or just a little bit on the dingy side. Give it a good rinse with your hose on a sunny, warm day. Just be mindful not to get water on the electronics.

Check Your Batteries
Hopefully, you stored your batteries after charging them. Take a look and check for corrosion. You can clean the connections safely with just a touch of baking soda and water. If your golf cart won't start up or is starting only with difficulty and is moving slowly, you may need to replace the battery altogether. If you don't know how to use jumper cables to jump-start a golf cart with low batteries, don't try to do it yourself. With electric golf carts, serious damage could be done by improperly jump-starting.

What's Your Water Level?
Before attempting to charge your battery for the spring, ensure that you have the right amount of water covering the cells. You can take a look in and, if you don't see water, add some distilled water until it just barely covers the cells. At that point, you'll be good to go on charging up.

Check Your Tire Pressure
Make sure your tires are properly inflated and haven't gone flat while in storage. If they have, you may be able to add air until you reach the optimum pressure, or you can always have new tires installed at a reputable golf cart dealership like Saugatuck Golf Carts

Check Your Brakes
Always an important step, you'll want to be sure your brakes are working like they should to keep you safe. If your brake pads are wearing down, consider bringing everything in for brake pad replacement or brake repair.

Finally, Tighten Bolts and Screws
This shouldn't take very long. Just have a look at any visible bolts of screws. If you find that any are loose, tighten them up and you're done.

If you're not the DIY-type, you can always bring your golf cart in to Saugatuck Golf Carts for a tuneup! We'll check to make sure that your cart is safe, freshened up, and ready for spring! Plus, if you come in t you'll be able to take a look at options for custom accessories to ensure that your golf cart is perfect for you.

Need to make a payment ?

Started by Bill Wester in 2012, SGC is a small business in Saugatuck Township.  We have a hard working team, and do our best to keep customers happy. Operating on 25 acres means there is a lot of space for test drives.

Being that we are a smaller business we are able to offer very competitive pricing.  We offer free delivery within 20 miles of our shop & we can deliver outside of that radius for an additional cost. ($5 per mile)  We customize carts to your liking, and handle most repairs, servicing, battery or accessory needs.  

* We are as honest as they come and want to keep customers happy.  

* We strive to find carts that have low use, and in good shape.

* If you purchase a cart here, and ever need service, you jump to the front of the line.

* When customizing carts here we go threw them top to bottom, and take pride in our work.

*  We send our carts out with good tires, tight brakes and the front end properly aligned.

* We turn all carts up to the highest speed we can make them go (14.8mph) for free. 

* We specialize in 48V Club Car Precedents \ Tempos.


-Gas carts are louder and smell when running, however they have a greater range.

-Electric carts need to be charged often & batteries can be expensive.

-Gas carts have more maintenance. Oil changes, tune ups & belts replaced.

-Electric carts have very smooth acceleration. Gas carts can be a little jumpy.

 Electric carts repairs can be costly in parts. Gas carts can be costly in labor.

-Electric carts cost very little to run, they DO NOT tax your power bill.  

-Speed isn't really a factor, both can be set to different speeds.

*** We sell 90% electric, most of our customers want a quiet ride with little maintenance ***

***Many subdivisions, parks, and resorts will not allow gas carts, make sure to double check***